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I partner with people who are ready to go deep and look within themselves. I support them to build their muscles for a deep and effective transformation in all aspects of their life. It isn’t a quick fix, but it definitely is a 'levelling up'. It’s shining a light on the areas that seem to keep tripping you up and giving you the long term strategies and tools to live your fullest self. It's not about finding your purpose or getting stuff done, these are side effects. I walk along the developmental path with you.  I will be your supporter and your cheerleader along the way, so that you can achieve what is in you.


Through my own journey of healing and my experience of having been coached I came to realise that my calling in life is to support people live in the fullest expression of themselves; this is why I go beyond the superficial. It means aligning oneself with their purpose whilst healing and transforming patterns. The building of muscles, for long term sustainable change.

I have a background in the startup, social impact, philanthropic and leadership development space. Co-founding multiple initiatives over the years including;  The Social Experiment and Emerge Institute.

I am a  qualified Integral Professional coach  who draws from my training with leading  psychologists and experts (such as  Thomas Huebl and Vann Joines) in the field of transformation, collective trauma, Somatic Experiencing and Non violent communication. I am also a trained mediator and yoga teacher. 

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About Integral Coaching™.

Integral coaching: Works in a way that  is whole, complete and integrated, using  frameworks and developmental principles based on globally recognised Integral Theory. This creates a systematic approach to change that is embodied and long-lasting. We work on developing a more effective inner operating system and as capacities are enhanced you develop more ease and fluency in a world that is increasingly more complex.

There are a lot of powerful coaching methods out there. This one is different. In addition to meeting with you in session, as your coach I engage in a significant amount of behind the scenes work to design a program and practices tailored for your unique self, topic and contexts. These extras further help you to find a way past your obstacles and to more quickly move along your path.

What it consists of: No two coaching programs are alike. They each consist of one to one coaching sessions, daily practices, accountability and email support. The length of the program alters depending on the client. Change will only be able to occur to the degree participants are willing to commit to their transformation. 

“I started working with Tui during a period of big change for my business - I was entering a new stage of growth, and that was bringing up all sorts of fears and uncertainty. Tui helped me get clarity on how I was yearning to show up during this time-with authenticity and bravery-and then worked alongside me to help me become more aware of my default ways of engaging and then start to shift those to my ideal place. I felt deeply seen and understood with Tui, and I also felt safe to go into vulnerable spaces. Working with Tui has supported me to increase in self-awareness and to start acting with more confidence and connection to myself. I highly recommend her work."
- Lauren Peate, Founder/CEO Multitudes.

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