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About me.

As so many of us do, I find myself in this work due to my personal journey towards a way of being in this world that works for me; where I can be authentic, have meaning, experience healthy esteem and be in real connection with self and others.

Born in Aotearoa (New Zealand), on the North Shore of Tāmaki-Makaurau (Auckland) and raised in different parts of both islands, this beautiful and sacred land runs through me to my very core.  Feeling and knowing that, whilst simultaneously sitting in my Pākehā (NZ European) experience, has informed a big part of my (ongoing) journey as I learn how to be in relationship in a meaningful way with this land and it’s people. 

Coupled with that is the healing around my early years of being on this planet. Whilst on the one hand spending some of my formative years in the country enabled me to feel immersed in nature and fully connected with animals, I have also had things show up in my adult relationships that have required the healing of developmental patterns.

I see now how those two factors led me to my interest and experience in Intergenerational and Developmental/Attachment trauma and also informed my discovery and voyage towards spending over a decade working in and with the personal transformation and healing space. 

I draw on a wide variety of modalities including Integral coaching, Somatic Experiencing Therapy and the emerging Polyvagal and nervous system thinking and theories. In tandem with all of this there has always been a draw to yoga and meditation, it’s philosophies and the intersection between our bodies and our emotional/psychological processes - most recently with restorative yoga which teaches how to settle; a key part of any trauma recovery.

I am also trained as an NVC (nonviolent communication) mediator and have many years of experience in the NVC way of communicating. I completed Transactional Analysis training with Vann Joines, a leader in the TA development. Outside of those trainings and modalities, I have experience in the startup, social impact, philanthropic and leadership development space. Co-founding initiatives over the years including; The Pākehā Project and Emerge Institute.

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I partner with people who are ready to go inwards and really look at themselves. I support them to build their muscles for a deep and effective change in all aspects of their life. It isn’t a quick fix, but it definitely is a 'levelling up'. It’s shining a light on the areas that seem to keep tripping you up and giving you the long term strategies and tools or to support you in your healing to live your fullest self. It's not about finding your purpose or getting stuff done. However, these are delightful side effects. I walk along the developmental path with you. I will be your guide and your cheerleader along the way, so that you can achieve what is already within you but has yet to be given room to grow.

Having been a client and subsequently trained and studied in all the modalities I work with, I have come to realise that my calling in life is to support people to live in the fullest expression of themselves; this is why I go beyond what is apparently showing up as we explore what the ‘music behind the words’ is.  If we can understand and integrate that, then we are able to really have a different, more coherent experience of being human.

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Through our work together you will unlock your innate wisdom, leading to growth and healing.  I will be drawing on a range of modalities, integrating some or all of them in a way that supports your reasons for seeking out support. 


You will find a confidential space to bring whatever you would like to work through at a pace and depth that feels safe to you.

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What informs our work together...

“I started working with Tui during a period of big change for my business - I was entering a new stage of growth, and that was bringing up all sorts of fears and uncertainty. Tui helped me get clarity on how I was yearning to show up during this time-with authenticity and bravery-and then worked alongside me to help me become more aware of my default ways of engaging and then start to shift those to my ideal place. I felt deeply seen and understood with Tui, and I also felt safe to go into vulnerable spaces. Working with Tui has supported me to increase in self-awareness and to start acting with more confidence and connection to myself. I highly recommend her work."

- Lauren Peate, Founder/CEO Multitudes.

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