Choose your bespoke 1:1 coaching program.

All programs are designed bespoke to your needs. Here are examples of popular programs.



You will  be supported in breaking through the challenges you’re facing. In these three conversations, you will get a chance to get to the heart of the change you are ready for. You will get an injection of insight and a set of customized high impact actions that you  will begin to work on.

Six weeks.

Three 90min 1:1 coaching sessions.



You are ready to go to work on creating some real shifts and expanding your capacities and impact in areas that will be deeply transformational for you. You’re ready for the next level.

 Four months

 Eight 90 min 1:1 coaching sessions.



This program facilitates deep transformation. You will embody a new way of being that will profoundly alter how you lead in life. This program is deep, effective and for those who are ready for long-haul transformation and growth, to embody,  and transform.

Seven months.

 Twelve 90 min 1:1 coaching sessions.

“Tui was a phenomenal coaching partner - The culture in our organisation now sees us move truly as one organism, this has led to some incredible innovations within the business, in both product and process. Our relationships with our clients are stronger, which has led to an increase in repeat customers and a higher average spend. Clients are enamoured with this environment and simply want to be a part of it. We've 'leveled up’."
 -Adam Whatton, Founder Waiheke Dive & Snorkel.

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