Integral Coaching®.

Integral Coaching®: Works in a way that  is whole, complete and integrated, using  frameworks and developmental principles based on globally recognised Integral Theory. This creates a systematic approach to change that is embodied and long-lasting. We work on developing a more effective inner operating system and as capacities are enhanced you develop more ease and fluency in a world that is increasingly more complex.

In addition to meeting with you in session, as your coach I engage in a significant amount of behind the scenes work to design a program and practices tailored for your unique self, topic and contexts. These extras further help you to find a way past your obstacles and to more quickly move along your path.

What it consists of: No two coaching programs are alike. They each consist of one to one coaching sessions, daily practices, accountability and email support. The length of the program alters depending on the client. Change will only be able to occur to the degree participants are willing to commit to their transformation. 

What a program looks like.


This program facilitates deep transformation. You will embody a new way of being that will profoundly alter how you lead in life.

All programs are designed bespoke to your situation.


  • ​A custom designed program based around the transformation and results you most want.

  • An in depth assessment of your current way of being;  the strengths and gifts you have to leverage and the ways in which you’re held back or blocked.

  • Developmental objectives that zero in on specific competencies needed to embody a new way of being; to open up new possibilities and build new muscle to fulfill  your overall topic.

  • Custom designed practices to complete between sessions that enable you to build the muscles to fulfill on your developmental objectives.

  • Continued assessment of program design and progress with any resets needed to ensure the entire journey continues to meet you right where you are and develop you to where you need to go.

  • Accountability & support between sessions.

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For those that like the details. 

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  • We first have a session  where we get to explore what it is you are longing for, why it matters and what is standing in your way of realizing your greater potential.  We go broad and we go deep.

  • I will then offer an Integral Coaching™ Program that grounds our work together in a set of key Developmental Objectives and illuminates the path to take you from where you are to where you’re going, allowing you to follow your progress along the way. This program will include specific and clear outcomes you want to achieve, both in your overall capacities as a human being and in the results you produce. You’ll have a trajectory for our work together so that you can clearly see what we’re working on and why, that’s designed to get you to where you want to go. 

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During Sessions: 

  • We track what’s building in you from the practices you’re doing and what we’re focusing on in your program. We’ll shine light on the places that need illuminating, explore what your next edges are and give you some concrete next steps and practices to work with. The process is both kind and focused. We can go as deep, subtle, nuanced or fierce as what truly meets how you want to work.

  • In our work together over the months, we use your program to fulfill what you’re working on and developing. We adjust as we go to ensure that we’re focusing in just the right places for greatest impact. Practices are designed to help you build the muscles and competencies you need to grow into who you want to become.

Between Sessions:

  • you’re working on practices that have been designed both from your program and the ongoing insights gleaned from our sessions. You’ll also be supported via email, helping to remain on track, get any clarity you need and ensure that what we’re creating together is effective and supportive for you. Between sessions, you’ll be supported in your growth and accountability without it being heavy, aggressive or like having a task-master. You’ll experience really having someone in your corner as you develop through this program.

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  • As we near completion, we look for what’s transformed in you and what’s become embodied, as well as what edges and gaps still remain in what you’ve set out to accomplish and create for yourself. In our final sessions we zero in to ensure that you’re fulfilling what you set out to, as well as have the tools to take you beyond the program.

  • Bringing closure: Actually completing a process is something that’s often not given enough attention in our culture. Rather than going ‘on to the next’, we approach completion with reverence. By the end of the program you will experience yourself and your topic as transformed. We come into completion with a great acknowledgement of what’s happened over these months as well as acknowledging what you have to draw on now to take you forward beyond your topic and beyond your program.

"Prior to completing the coaching program, I was feeling very lost about my identity and my path. Connecting to who I truly was felt difficult. I didn't have the tools around me to help me connect back in with myself. The coaching program gave me those tools, and with Tui's guidance I was able to clearly visualize the steps I needed to take to get from A to B, and essentially get to the best version of myself. Practicing the exercises and actually putting the material discussed in our sessions into real life was at first challenging, but extremely rewarding. Deep breathing & conscious (not unconscious) thoughts helped me live my life in touch with my physical body and with more direction and strength. Now, after completing the course I feel competent to face the challenges that life throws at me, and more connected with my morals and values and who I stand for as a person. Tui is the BEST coach because of her ability to connect, empathize and draw upon her own personal pain and experiences to really understand what's going on for you - and then give you the steps to move forward."

- Jess Hill, Creative Lead.