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DARe® (Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience).

DARe® stands for Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience and was developed by Dr. Diane Poole Heller.

The foundation of Diane Poole Heller’s teachings rests on her firm belief that we are hardwired to heal. Our bodies and our brains are storing memories of early experiences, creating patterns that deeply affect our relationships and our behaviors in adult life.

Her holistic approach to DARe®, dynamic attachment repatterning experience, is largely based on Somatic and Relational healing techniques. Helping us discover the source of those patterns and to apply the right understanding to unwind them, thus releasing new energy to live fully and freely in the moment.

For over 30 years, Diane’s teachings and practice have been based on Dr. Peter Levine’s decades of research and hands-on development of Somatic Experiencing®, as well as her own personal research. Her work is supported by contributions sourced from the most recent theories on attachment by Mary Ainsworth, John Bowlby, Louise Kaplan, Heinz Kohut, Mary Main, Dan Siegel, Marion Solomon, Daniel Stern, Donald W. Winnicott, Jeff Young; as well as couples work theory by Ellyn Bader, John Gottman, Stan Tatkin, and countless others.

"Prior to completing the coaching program, I was feeling very lost about my identity and my path. Connecting to who I truly was felt difficult. I didn't have the tools around me to help me connect back in with myself. The coaching program gave me those tools, and with Tui's guidance I was able to clearly visualize the steps I needed to take to get from A to B, and essentially get to the best version of myself. Practicing the exercises and actually putting the material discussed in our sessions into real life was at first challenging, but extremely rewarding. Deep breathing & conscious (not unconscious) thoughts helped me live my life in touch with my physical body and with more direction and strength. Now, after completing the course I feel competent to face the challenges that life throws at me, and more connected with my morals and values and who I stand for as a person. Tui is the BEST coach because of her ability to connect, empathize and draw upon her own personal pain and experiences to really understand what's going on for you - and then give you the steps to move forward."

- Jess Hill, Creative Lead.

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