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Integral Coaching®.

Integral Coaching®: Works in a way that  is whole, complete and integrated, using  frameworks and developmental principles based on globally recognised Integral Theory. Integral Theory came about through a cross cultural study of all the worlds greatest traditions on human potential; spiritual, psychological and social growth to find the critically essential keys to human growth. It utilises all the known systems and models of human growth from ancient shamans and sages, to today’s breakthroughs in cognitive science, to unlock and facilitate human evolution. 


Integral Coaching® creates a systematic approach to change that is embodied and long-lasting. We work on developing a more effective inner operating system and as capacities are enhanced you develop more ease and fluency in a world that is increasingly more complex.


In addition to meeting with you in session, as your coach I engage in a significant amount of behind the scenes work to design a program and practices tailored for your unique self, topic and contexts. These further help you to find a way past your obstacles and to more quickly move along your path.

"Prior to completing the coaching program, I was feeling very lost about my identity and my path. Connecting to who I truly was felt difficult. I didn't have the tools around me to help me connect back in with myself. The coaching program gave me those tools, and with Tui's guidance I was able to clearly visualize the steps I needed to take to get from A to B, and essentially get to the best version of myself. Practicing the exercises and actually putting the material discussed in our sessions into real life was at first challenging, but extremely rewarding. Deep breathing & conscious (not unconscious) thoughts helped me live my life in touch with my physical body and with more direction and strength. Now, after completing the course I feel competent to face the challenges that life throws at me, and more connected with my morals and values and who I stand for as a person. Tui is the BEST coach because of her ability to connect, empathize and draw upon her own personal pain and experiences to really understand what's going on for you - and then give you the steps to move forward."

- Jess Hill, Creative Lead.

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